WePiao Ad // Pixels Cross-Promotion 

The arcade game villains of the film "Pixels" take their mischief from the big screen to your phone screens to promote WeChat messanger's WePiao movie ticketing app, and the Chinese release of PIXELS

This advertisement played in all theaters across China during showings of "Pixels" and more starting in October 2015.

Client // WePiao

Produced and Directed by //
Dennis Fries and Jon Truei

Creative Director // James Sangyup Kim
Executive Producers // Dan Yang and Nora Wang

Lead Animator // Dennis Fries

Additional Animation // 
Javier Valdez
Mike Cheslik
Gabe Contreras
Avi Tuchman

Character Design // Javier Valdez
UI Design// Linda Do

Music by // Jeff Heim
Sound Design // Bobb Barito