Ryan Vona "The Letterbox"

Dennis Fries and The Elephant Den teamed up with the folks at Marabigo to produce this music video for Ryan Vona. 

It's a love story about two oddly musical aphids!

"The Letterbox"
From the album "Somebody"
Words & Music: Ryan Vona

Directed by Dennis Fries & Jean Claude Billmaier
Full credits below!

The Elephant Den
in co-production with MARABIGO

Animation by Dennis Fries
Additional Animation by Rob Kornstein
Illustration by Lauren Rubin
Produced by: Jean Claude Billmaier, Max Pava & Ryan Vona
Associate Producer: Scarlet Meyer
Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals: Ryan Vona
Viola: Katrina Lenk
Bass: Jon Wilkins
Drums: Ken Hickey
Additional Vocals: Jane Bruce & Ari McKay Wilford
Additional String Arrangements: José Delgado
Mixed & Mastered: Ken Hickey -Psillygoose Studios
Song Produced by: Michael Murphy