Welcome to The Elephant Den - home of the animating elephants!

We’re a one-stop shop for motion graphics and animation.

Here at The Elephant Den, we don't like stuffy mission statements that use flowery language to hypnotize their clients (we prefer pocket watches on gold chains when it comes to hypnosis). Want to see what we do? Watch our show reel or check out the work we've done for other clients. 

We take pride in our “virtual office space”. We collaborate with the best of the best, no matter where their den is. That means we work with international clients and bring in talented elephant animators, designers, storytellers, writers, sound designers, composers and artists from around the globe. 

Just tell us what you want! We’ll herd the elephants to the den, depending on what you need. 

Okay - fine. We didn’t actually train those elephants that paint pictures of flowers and mountains to create stunning animated content. But like elephants, we’re passionate, strong, intelligent and undeniably the most majestic mammals on this planet. Check us out:

Dennis Fries -- The Head Elephant in Charge

As Head Elephant in Charge, Dennis wears numerous hats: producer, animation director, animator, designer, client liaison, soothsayer, taxidermist. Dennis officially launched his career in animation at the ripe age of 6 when he animated a family of ducks exiting a taxi cab. In the sequel, they were eaten by a dinosaur. While he still loves making animations where behemoths terrorize small, helpless creatures - he’s worked with a wide range of clients, producing animation of all shapes and sizes. 

Dennis graduated NYU Tisch with a BFA in Film/Television Production in 2012. He has three Emmy nominations under his belt (yes, elephants wear belts) for graphics and animation. In addition to animation production, Dennis specializes in development for children’s television and does consulting work for Amazon Studios.